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Short wrap up about the Thuringian championship

In 2023 we want to revive the Thuringia Championship in historical medieval battle. After a successful, small tournament in 2022, we will stay on the „Ochsenwiese“ and build there a separate area for the tournament. It will again be an important part of our event „Ritter Recken Heldenspiele“.

08. & 09. Juli 2023

Male Teams


Tambach-Dietharz (Germany)

Access to

The venue (the Ochsenwiese) can be accessed via the following street:


99897 Tambach-Dietharz

 The assembling of the tents will take place on Friday. Until Saturday, 10:00 a.m., all cars must be driven off the site.

Parking facilities in Tambach-Dietharz

Parking spaces can be found at the old event area (city park) at the Burgstallstraße. Since we only have a limited amount of parking spaces near the event, the vehicles will then have to be distributed to the other parking spaces. Exact information about the parking situation will be available on site. The exact addresses can be found here:

Parking spaces in the village

Please look for parking spaces in Tambach-Dietharz yourself. Parking permits will be issued.

Parking lot at the city park


99897 Tambach-Dietharz

Frohlocket „Ritter, Recken, Heldenspiele 14“ wird eröffnet! Im Anschluss Musik mit Schabernackrakeel.

Es gibt auf der Hauptbühne etwas auf Eure Ohren von Nachtwindheim.

Pferde und Falken begeistern auf der oberen Wiese nahe der Arena

Supply, Sleeping, Sanitary

As usual, there will be the possibility to camp at our event. The camp will be closer to the arena than in previous years. Please keep in mind that camps near the arena must remain set up until Sunday 18:00 (end of the event). Driving on the site will not be possible during market hours.
Camping in modern, non-historic tents is possible by arrangement. However, we cannot guarantee a location close to the arena. Likewise, we can only allow a limited number of modern tents.

At our market there will be a beverage supply for you with draft soda and beer. In addition, there will be a drinking water line for your free use. Please think of canisters or empty bottles to fill them before the tournament. We will only provide the drinking water line, as it can be found near the arena.

On Saturday night we will have a BBQ for all participants of the tournament, the support and marshals. 

Please note the entry fee of 25 Euro per team! The payment is due on site.

There will be a toilet container on the festival site that will be open during market hours. There will also be porta-potties available, which can also be used at night. Showers will again be available at the Hostel. There will be a person on site who will open the showers for you. Therefore, showers are only available at certain times.

Stay up to date!

Up-to-date information on set-up & dismantling and other points that ensure a smooth process will be announced via our social media channels. Therefore, just follow us on Facebook or Instagram to not miss any hints.

Contact person

We get support for our tournament from the Zitadelle e.V.. You can also contact Antonia, she is taking care of the tournament as a member of „Mittelalterverein Authentica Castrum Walinvels“.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to register as a team. If you have any questions about the tournament or the organization of the festival, please contact us via the general contact form or via Facebook or Instagram.

Any questions? We are here to help!

You have general questions about the tournament or would like to ask us (Mittelalterverein ACW) something else? Then please use the contact form or our social media channels. You can reach them via the following links:

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We have closed the registration for all categories now. A further registration is no longer possible.

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